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Here's how I can help you
I've worked for lots of brands – big and small – in lots of sectors.
Always with patience, commitment, and exceptional communication (or so I'm told).
Creative comms

Dwindling attention spans mean you need to express what you offer distinctly and succinctly.


I write the short, snappy messages that do this.

I write longer pieces, too: emails, publications, websites – even award-winning corporate conduct guides.

Your story

Before you start talking, you need to get your story straight.


Why are you here?

How are you different?

What do you do?


It needs to be clear, compelling and – most of all – true to you.

Because everything else grows out of this.


I started out travel blogging. That’s how I learned to tell a story that's compelling and easy to digest.

From case studies to blogs, I can write engaging content that puts your brand out there in the world, where it counts.

Tone of voice

What's 'tone of voice'? It’s simple: brand personality, expressed through its language.


So why are tone of voice guides usually waffle-y, vague and impractical? It's because they're often written without the help of a writer. Hard to believe, I know.  

I can help you create a strategic, engaging tone of voice rooted in who you really are. And I'll explain it with simple, practical guidance so everyone can write in it.  


You don't hire somebody without first defining their role. The same goes for naming.


What does the name need to do?


Feel like your brand? (Certainly.)

Be short? (Probably.)

Describe what it’s selling? (Possibly. But then what’s Apple got to do with fruit?)


I help you do this important pre-thinking. Then we find you a name.


It's not just about typos – a good edit has the power to transform.

When I edit, I…

…sort the structure

…find simpler phrasings

…think about flow

…cleave long sentences in two

…check the tone’s just right

And don’t worry – I hunt down the embarrassing typos and problematic punctuation too.

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